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EasyFinance Management Consulting Co.,Ltd is committed to helping corporations and individuals gain financial management knowledge and know-how by systematically delivering corporate financial management training and consulting services. EasyFinance has a team consisting of superior full-time professional consultants equipped with a profound understanding of finance theory and rich practical corporate management experience. Through continuous research, we harmoniously integrate advanced international finance management concepts with the real issues of Chinese domestic corporations.

Characterized by professional courses and excellent service, EasyFinance has not only earned the trust of its clients, but also established itself as a leader in the Chinese training industry. As of today, more than 8600 MNCs, Fortune 500 and leading domestic companies have chosen EasyFinance. Among which 181 World Fortune 500 companies have designated EasyFinance as a long-term financial training services supplier.

EasyFinance has organized customized corporate in-house training courses in 50+ cities in China including areas of Hongkong and Taiwan. In addition, EasyFinance periodically holds open lectures (public seminars) in leading cities including Shanghai, Beijing, Suzhou, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Qingdao, Wuhan, Xian and Nanjing.

EasyFinance classrooms have become a highly efficient platform for business managers and leaders to share the latest management practices/techniques and exchange new ideas.

EasyFinance is dedicated to research in financial training. This has resulted in a whole new set of unique ideas and professional methods in delivering financial training. By integrating these ideas and methods with our considerable practical experience, EasyFinance delivers professional, high-quality, and highly practical financial training services that can be customized to the needs of the client corporation. EasyFinance’s unique approach makes abstruse and obscure financial situations and knowledge easy to understand.
EasyFinance boasts of a team of reliable full-time financial training experts who possess profound finance management knowledge and rich experience in solid business practices as a result of their working background with a variety of corporations. They are familiar with the needs of finance managers and understand the requirements of the organization. They combine theory with practice seamlessly to help corporations sharpen their competitive edge.
Our training courses, designed for both non-finance management and professional finance personnel, cover more than 120 finance courses in corporate finance management. The professional, comprehensive and customizable courses involve every aspect of financial management in a corporation.
With the support of its own R&D center, EasyFinance is able to consistently improve existing courses and develop new courses. By integrating advanced international management concepts and methods with the real-life practices of domestic Chinese corporations, EasyFinance training features the following aspects.
Intensive but easy to understand

  • Integrated with real practice of corporations
  • Rich & comprehensive in content
  • Systematic & complete in structure
  • Conducted with highly practical methods and tools
  • A look at financial management in a new and unique perspective

Client By Function


Trainee By Position

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