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Corporate in-house training is a form of adult workplace learning in which a trainer or lecturer goes to a corporation, identifies and implements the best solution for the corporation. For each in-house training project, EasyFinance designates an experienced lecturer to participate, thoroughly understand the client’s business, training targets and the particular problems or obstacles the participants face in their day to day work. This ensures the efficiency and effectiveness of the training.

If you are looking for a finance-training program with the following characteristics, EasyFinance in-house training service will be your best choice.

Training courses customized according to the nature of the industry and client
Training courses to further your corporate strategy and implementation
Training courses to consolidate communication among management personnel and
improve overall financial management ability
Training courses that can be flexible to accommodate client’s requirements in
terms of time and venue

The client proposes a tentative training plan in accordance with its requirements
Our professional training consultant discusses and analyzes the requirements with the client and communicates his feedback
Our training consultant designs a preliminary training plan based on the preliminary communication
This phase is of critically important to the effective implementation of in-house training. The training consultant will, by personal interview or telephone interview, communicate directly with participants, understand their job description, finance knowledge level, the problems and troubles they have in their work, and their expectations from the training.
Based on the information obtained through in-depth research, the training consultant will communicate with the clients’ training manager and develop a customized in-house training plan.
Based on the actual situation of the client, the consultant further optimizes the course content and training methodology
Professional training consultant from Easyfinance provides customized in-house training effectively.
The participants evaluate the effectiveness of the content, lecturer, training style in order to for us to understand how satisfied they are with the services provided
Training consultant will summarize the in-house training. Participants can communicate directly with the consultant via phone, email etc to discuss and find the solution to the actual problems they have in their work.
Budget Management
Cost Management
Phamaceutical Industry
Investment and Financing Decision Support
Software Skill
Accounting Policies and Standards
Tax Management
Credit Management
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